Q: What is Through Children's Eyes, Inc.®?

A: Through Children’s Eyes, Inc. is a California State and Federal tax-exempt educational corporation, located under section 501 (c) (3) of the Federal Tax Code. The program uses photography, writing, and performing arts as educational tools. It teaches children visual awareness of their community, increases communication skills, and helps them develop a sense of pride by accomplishment without competition. Their work is exhibited locally, regionally, and sometimes nationally. It is a truly unique opportunity for the community to see the world through children's eyes.

Volunteer instructors teach the children the basics of camera use, and then go on local field trips. The children’s work is exhibited locally, regionally, and sometimes nationally. Participating organizations provide such things as classroom space, chaperones and any transportation needed for field trips. High school and college student volunteers receive community service credits for their participation as instructors or assistants. Credits are received by the students' organization and documentation is provided by the participating organization.

Q: What past programs have been conducted and what is in store for the future?

A: The children's work has been displayed in New York at the United Nations Global Youth Forum, a Consulate in Washington, DC, and also at the City Hall in Los Angeles. Programs have mainly been conducted in the United States, but also in Russia, Armenia, and Indonesia. Our first Internet photo gallery was a Millennium project sponsored by and Emachines as a YMCA project, and was also held in Atlanta, Boston, and Minneapolis.

Our goal is to have a representative for Through Children's Eyes, Inc. throughout the United States as well as initiate international programs with a joint theme. Such possibilities include:

·         “Wall to Wall- Through Children’s Eyes” © China and the UK- Behind the Great Wall of China and Hadrian’s Wall.

·         “War and Peace - Through Children's Eyes”© A modern-day view of our children’s inheritance.

Q: How are the programs funded?

A: Programs are made possible by financial contributions from a number of community organizations. Programs are also made possible by donations from in-kind resources such as equipment and supplies.


Q: Are the donations tax-deductible?

A: Through Children’s Eyes, Inc. is a California State and Federal tax-exempt educational corporation. It is located under section 501 (c) (3) of the Federal Tax Code. All donations are tax-deductible and a receipt is provided for your tax records.

Q: What are the requirements for involvement?

A: Each category has specific requirements for involvement:

Requirements for participating organizations:

·         Selection of participating children and field trip chaperone. Acceptance of volunteer instructor

·         Selection of site to conduct photo instruction

·         Access to a computer and internet for photo downloads and Photo Gallery submissions

·         Completion of all program requirements and photo releases

·         Hosting a local exhibition of the children's work

·         Presentation of Certificates of Accomplishment and Certificates of Appreciation.

Q: Who has the copyrights to the photographs?

A:  Program Photo Release Information:

All participants and each minor’s parent or guardian must sign a photo/writings release form before the program begins. Digital copies of all images are submitted to Through Children’s Eyes, Inc. and a selection of them will be included in the online gallery as well as in publications.

Participation in the program automatically constitutes consent by the instructor, participants, and their legal guardians for use of any photographs and writings created during the program. All photographic and writing credits remain with the originator. Inclusion of specific work is not guaranteed. All copyrights from this project remain property of Through Children's Eyes, Inc. for any and all program purposes, in all print and electronic media, known and unknown. Release forms are provided by Through Children’s Eyes, Inc.


A: Contact the program coordinator via email.



A: To donate directly as an individual visit the donors page.

To donate directly as a corporation or organization contact the program coordinator.